On Friday, April 8, Bruce Springsteen canceled his show in Greensboro, North Carolina in response to House Bill 2, sweeping discriminatory legislation that puts the state’s LGBTQ, minority, and working communities at major risk. The Boss’s announcement, like the bill itself, generated worldwide attention.

But we need your help. We need you here, in North Carolina, helping to raise money and awareness in order to defeat such policies and the politicians who enacted and now defend them.

North Carolina Needs You is here to encourage artists of all kinds, from musicians and comedians to dance troupes and festival organizers, to keep their dates in North Carolina—and even to schedule new ones—in order to generate the social and financial capital necessary to win in November and beyond.

Here’s how to help: Don’t cancel your show because of the bigoted policies of a few wrongheaded lawmakers and our governor. Instead, play the shows. Use the stage as a platform to make a statement. And donate any—or, better yet, all—profits to a coalition of nonprofits, lobbying groups, and grassroots organizations doing on-the-ground work to take North Carolina back. (We understand that times are tight for bands, so no pressure here.)

If you cancel your show, you use your voice to make a statement. If you keep the show and stand with the people of North Carolina by funneling profits to help them, you use your voice and your money to make a statement—and, ultimately, a change.

North Carolina Needs You is the project of several longtime North Carolinians committed to progressive politics in the state. The people responsible for this project have experience organizing major music festivals and political rallies within the state, while others are musicians themselves, looking for allies in the fight to turn back the tide of bigotry in Raleigh.

We are here to link you with the organizations and causes who need your help. An ever-expanding list of these outfits is below. If you need help linking with any of these causes, if you need help sorting through each one, or if you simply need to express frustration with HB 2 or offer an idea, email

There is more to come. But first, we need you to come to North Carolina and help win these battles. Here is a list of nonprofits that we support:

Advance Community Health

Equality NC

Progress NC Action:



Lillian's List:

LGBT Center of Raleigh

LGBTQ Center of Durham:

North Star LGBT Community Center of Winston-Salem

Southerners on New Ground:

Triangle Empowerment Center:

Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer:

WNCCHS Transgnder Health

Youth Outright: