Come Out & Show Them was founded by two longtime North Carolina residents, Tina Haver Currin and Grayson Haver Currin. We have long resumes in social activism, including the international women's rights movement, Saturday Chores, which was named one of the "best moments for women" by the Huffington Post, and the Air Horn Orchestra, which was recently covered by The New York Times and BBC. Our North Carolina Needs You initiative, which helps artists plan and connect with vetted organizations making a difference for all residents of North Carolina, funneled over $500,000 to North Carolina nonprofits throughout the summer of 2016. 

We are joined by the community leaders, business owners, and generally talented folks Van Alston, Nick Neptune, Angela Salamanca, Erica Bernstein, and Ana Catherine Dickens.

Together, it is our mission to provide a platform that people who believe that inequality hinders their quality of life can use to express their outlook and desires for a more equitable and just future. 

We believe that inequality will be eradicated when all people have access to the same basic freedoms, safeties, assurances, and rights and feel confident exercising those American attributes without fear of private or professional retribution.

In the past, this mission has involved education around women's health care, transgender rights, cultural access in North Carolina, and voting rights. For the first third of 2017, with the Welcome to Raleigh, Y'all initiative, we turn our attention to immigration, deportation, and the idea of sanctuary.